Every team can be a high performing team

Teams don’t simply stumble upon success they must DECLARE IT! Building and growing high performing teams requires a deliberate intention and focus on shifting the way a team thinks, feels and acts.

DECLARE IT meets teams where they are and takes them to where they need to be.

As a team, we needed to find a way to work together better, and to manage increasing pressures and demands, while performing at a very high level. Sean worked with us to create a program that would meet our needs. The workshop was both effective and engaging – he had a great way of drawing everyone in. Not only was the day super productive, but we ended with a plan to continue our work throughout the year. We followed through, and I can honestly say this is now a high performing, results oriented, passionate and supportive team. Sean helped to give us the foundation we needed to build upon.
Danielle Brown - VP Marketing, Points.com

Is your team showing signs of underperformance?

Lack of Direction

Purpose is not clear

Values not being lived

Competing priorities

Missed Deliverables

Inconsistent results

Targets not met

Declining revenue (s)

Toxic Dynamics

Silos/Blame game


Destructive conflict

Limited Development

Top talent turnover

Stagnant/Lack of opportunity

Shallow talent pool

The journey to high performance


What I do:

I help you build and grow a high performing team.

How I do it:

I work with you to identify where your team is along their journey to high performance and develop experiential learning programs that blend interactive workshops with collaborative coaching programs.

If you are building, focus on Team Development, and if you are growing, introduce Leadership Coaching.

team development  leadership coaching

Why work with me?

With so many leadership development companies out there, large and small, why should you work with me? That’s a great question. And an important one. In a nutshell, I am different!

This workshop was uniquely balanced between theory and practice. Sean did a great job at engaging our team and tapping into their knowledge that created the foundation of our program.
Mike Wicket - National Marketing Manager, Good Life Fitness