What is your favourite pastime? What do you do to escape the mundane, to re-energize yourself, to have fun?

After all, that is the point of a pastime, right? A pastime is an activity that someone does regularly for enjoyment. It is a diversion that pleasantly occupies one’s time and thoughts. A pastime can be both physical and emotional – in fact we need both in our life to create balance.


Physically  you know what you like and what you don’t like  –  so you do things that you find beneficial and rewarding,  and you avoid the activities that cause pain and discomfort.

Emotions are not so clear cut. You know what are positive and negative emotions. However, if you are not careful, negative emotions can quickly snowball  and become part of your internal fabric. Now you are at the mercy of emotions and others.

If you are wanting to live a life that is 100% defined by you and not others, here are the 7 most destructive emotional pastimes to avoid.

  • Worrying: the act of stressing over something that
    has not occurred/out of your control.
  • Blaming: the act of not taking accountability for you & your choices
  • Regretting: the act of allowing the past to prevent you from the future you want
  • Judging: the act of projecting your insecurities onto others
  • Fearing: the act of making imaginary emotional fear real
  • Avoiding: the act of stepping over your deeply held values
  • Gossiping: the act of putting down others behind their back in order to build yourself up

If you are partaking in any of the above pastimes, it is time to stop. It is time to take up a new pastime! It is time to ‘LET GO’.

Let go of the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back, keeping you small and destroying your confidence. Start a new pastime of ‘letting go”.

Only you are responsible for your life and your happiness, no one else. It is time to take back control, power and ownership of your life – to do it you must let go. What are you going to let go of?