About Declare IT

Simply put, it’s about building cohesive teams. The power of the team always outperforms the power of one.

DECLARE IT helps leaders create and grow high-performing teams with a proven methodology that identifies and eliminates barriers to success by providing personal, practical and sustainable solutions that deliver results.

The Story


I have always believed that people were the number one asset of any organization. And I was only partially right. It wasn’t just people, it was activated and engaged people. In my experience the common thread between team success and team failure was the relationship people had with the company, other team members and their own personal development.

When people felt aligned, connected and able to excel, their relationships were rooted in a deep social bond that allowed both the team and the individual to realize their full potential. Yet, when people felt disconnected they became self-serving creating silos and stagnation.

So, it was simple: get the right people, in the right role, at the right time, with the right dynamics, headed in the right direction and you will increase your bottom line.

This was not a new revelation. This principle has been around for hundreds of years, and here is what I’ve discovered – all leaders know what to do, but not all leaders know how to do it. And with that, DECLARE IT was born to show leaders “how” to build high performing teams that last.


To create a global business world that is managed and led with equal parts head and heart.

Guiding Philosophy

It all starts within! We believe sustainable success is achieved with an inside-out approach. When individuals, teams and organizations strengthen their core within, they are poised to remain on purpose and navigate external challenges.

Our inside-out approach consists of three simple, yet often overlooked principles:

Find IT

We understand that every organization, every team and every leader is unique - we don’t believe in a “one-size” fits all approach. We work with you to develop a specific, relevant and practical solution for YOU!


Leadership is not an either/or proposition. It is not a black or white approach. In fact, it is a series of interdependencies.

The wisdom of and provides a foundation of interdependence where opposites interact and compliment each other to create wholeness.

Keep IT

Behavioural change is not a one-time event, it involves an uncompromising commitment of time, effort and emotion. We stay with you to ensure theory becomes practice.


Find the Humor

Don’t take yourself too seriously! The willingness to laugh at yourself and find the humour in difficult situations.

Say Yes “and”

Make things happen! Taking personal accountability for your world and not being defined by circumstances.

Give an Honest Effort

Hard work & grit! Committing the necessary time and energy to complete a task to its entirety with pride.

Be fair

Act with integrity! Holding yourself to the same standards you hold others to, and acknowledge and correct any discrepancies in the moments they occur.

Learn from mistakes

An eagerness to learn! Fostering an environment that encourages curiosity and supports failing for the benefit of growth and development.

Speak your truth

Speak your truth! To honour yourself and others genuinely and authentically, in every moment…and to accept others when they are being real.

Working with Sean allowed me to be honest about how I was feeling, and feel safe in sharing my thoughts, both good and bad. His coaching helped me change the lens I was using, towards myself, others, or situations, which has made me a more patient and understanding leader. The experience was great and fun!
Tyler Barker - Supervisor, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Sean's Bio

Sean Hubbard, Leadership Development Coach

A passionate, energetic and strategic senior leader with a proven track record for exceeding expectations in fast paced and changing environments within multiple channels and categories, Sean is recognized as an “employee focused leader”, who takes pride in the development of key talent, and fostering the impact of integrated teamwork that delivers executional excellence.


For 20 years, leading, developing and mentoring teams of sales and marketing professionals across Canada to create and execute strategies for brands such as CIBC, Loblaws, Lego, Sony, Paramount, Universal, Disney, Walmart, Future Shop and Best Buy


A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institution (CTI) and a recognized personal and business coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Developing high performing teams and leaders through programs designed to increase trust, navigate change, build resiliency and manage conflict. (Toyota, Good Life Fitness, City of Ottawa, Government of Canada)


Sharing insights on how to maximize personal and team performance with corporate clients, government agencies and industry associations (HRPA, RIS, CNPBA, City of Ottawa)


As an expert on the TV program Money Moron with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, helping families work together to resolve their relationship challenges. (Well, I was the expert until the show and the host decided to go in different directions, and my 15 minutes of fame turned out to only be 12 minutes and 48 seconds). (link to the episodes)