Here is a question for you. Who are you?

What is coming up for you with this question, how do you define yourself?

Do you define yourself by roles?  A mother, father, spouse, partner, son, daughter, best friend, accountant, teacher, baker, receptionist …(enter your roles here).


Do you define yourself by attributes? Trusting, competitive, determined, funny, shy, loving, intuitive … (enter your attributes here).

who are youDoes it really matter how you define yourself? I believe it does because it is how you choose to identify yourself not only to you, but also to the rest world. By defining yourself by roles, you have unconsciously created self-limiting parameters on your potential because a role is a function or a part you play in a particular situation – and situations change.

Alternatively defining yourself by your attributes, you are opening yourself up to unparalleled possibilities because you are focusing on the qualities that are an inherent part of who you are.

We all have roles to play and they define what we do but not who we are. Let me ask you this, what happens when one of your roles no longer exist? Then what? Do you just stop? Do you wilt way? Do you no longer exist?

This is the unfortunate reality for many people. When a role ends or changes people become lost without a purpose because they have identified who they are with that particular role. For example, I was an employee all my life and two years ago I decided to become an “entrepreneur”. Overall it has been an amazing ride however the first 6 months were dim because I found it difficult to move forward, I was paralyzed by the idea of being an “entrepreneur”. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. I was a great employee but I was definitely not an entrepreneur.

What I forgot to realize was, what made me a great employee would also make it possible for me to be a great entrepreneur. I was still the same guy but just in a new role. I am passionate, hard working, resilient and curious (to name a few), it is these attributes that will serve me as an entrepreneur. For that matter, these attributes will serve me in my other roles as well, existing and yet to be discovered.

Don’t limit yourself because of what you do but rather expand your possibilities because of who you are. FIND your IT!, and live IT! wholeheartedly in every aspect of your life.

So, who are you?


illustration by sam hubbard