People can change. No no it’s true. People can…stop rolling your eyes. It has been said that people can change if the desired outcome is deeply meaningful to that person. So if that is true, why is it so many people have a hard time changing? I mean, for the most part people really want to be a more involved partner, a more loving parent, a healthier person or a trusted leader. People logically understand that by changing their current reality they will create a new and improved reality, a reality that is, dare I say, more rewarding and fulfilling.

A more rewarding and fulfilling life sounds like a deeply meaningful reason to change. So, why is it that people resist or easily give up on changing? Here is my theory.

When it comes to that deeply meaningful outcome the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s desired state seems so overwhelming massive that just thinking about the effort, the sacrifices and the commitment required for this journey becomes exhausting, scary and self-defeating. Status quo seems easier and more comfortable so people pull up a cozy chair and stay awhile. Sometimes they stay their whole life here.

Slide1But what if the gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s desired state was not massively overwhelming? What if the journey to your desired state was simple and not intrusive? What if I was to tell you that you can reach any new desired outcome by simply making a small 3 Degree Shift in your current behaviour. That is it!

If you consistently apply the 3 Degree Shift and you have the patience to build momentum, your desired state will be achieved faster than you think. Momentum is a powerful force that creates more energy, which leads to increased desire.

Let me illustrate. Lets say you wanted to be healthier. The thought of a radical diet and an extensive workout regime seems crippling and self-limiting. However, if you make two small changes – a 3 Degree Shift  – of eating two healthy snacks throughout the day between meals and walking 15mins every other day, with consistency and patience, you will start to feel a positive shift. This initial effort creates momentum leading to balanced meals, daily healthy snacks, saying no to fast food, walking daily and perhaps the introduction of a weekly yoga class resulting in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

A small 3 Degree Shift accomplishes a massive ch-ch-ch change!

What small 3 Degree Shift are you going to make today to BE IT?

PS: Thanks to my coach, Sam House for introducing me to this simple and powerful idea.