F_YOU to Thx YOU

Have you ever been screwed over?

You know, where you find yourself in situation that has left you feeling frustrated, irritated, hurt, betrayed, isolated, angry, confused, shocked, sad…and this plethora of negative emotions builds and builds and builds eventually culminating into an explosive F-YOU! (Don’t worry, we all have been there, and we all will go there again)
What caused this eruption? Generally when you feel you have been mistreated, taken advantage of, thrown under the bus, stabbed in the back or deceived (fill in your own situation) your personal level of anger is heightened to a point where you either want to seek revenge or give-in. Either action results in the same response of F-YOU!

In working with my clients I have discovered there is rich learning in these F-YOU moments. These moments are informing the individual of something really important if, and a big IF, the person wants to learn and move forward in a positive way.

Learn? Learn? Seriously? What can one possibly learn from being unjustly treated?

You can learn a lot. In fact, you can gain great insight about yourself that you will want to say THANK-YOU.

Here are some insights that you can learn from those F-YOU Moments.

  • Clarity on values
  • Alignment on your purpose/vision
  • Recognize internal behaviours that serve you and limit you
  • Strategies in shifting behaviours
  • Strengthening self-trust
  • Build self-confidence
  • Get unstuck

Each of these insights allows you to consciously choose a new course of action that you may not have pursued without the intervention of the F-YOU moment.

Successful people are able to turn their F-YOU’s into THANK-YOU’s.

Before you blurt out an F-YOU, pause, look inside, adjust your course of action and be happier and more successful. Then say THANK-YOU!