Tyler has been in sales his whole career.  People say he is a natural – and he is. He has been able to leverage his passion and talents for sales into a prestigious position with a leading packaged goods company as the National Sales Manager.

But more importantly, Tyler has been able to transfer his skills onto others. He is known for growing and developing top talent.  In fact, Tyler has had a direct hand in developing some of the best sales representatives in the country.

So what makes Tyler such an effective leader?

correcting vs criticizing

As he puts it… “It’s as simple as this: when giving feedback I know what to do with my three fingers and thumb”

Confused? I know I was.

Here is what Tyler has figured out…in order to truly help someone grow and develop, when giving feedback a leader must focus on correction vs criticism. What is the difference between correction and criticism?

Correction: focuses on behaviours and actions that needed to be shifted in order to drive better results.

Criticism: focuses on judgment, more specifically it points directly at faults and accuses a person of being “bad”.

In Tyler’s words, criticism is pointing your finger at someone whereas correction is offering your hand to someone.  Said another way, the difference between criticism and correction is how you use three fingers and a thumb.

Within most companies “feedback” has become a four-letter. It has become synonymous with criticism – providing feedback should not make people cringe! Feedback is meant to help others correct beavhiours or actions that are limiting their progress.

To be a great leader, adopt Tyler’s philosophy and start offering a hand (correction) instead of pointing your finger (criticizing) the next time you deliver feedback.