Curiosity is the gateway to innovation.

Curiosity is the conduit for progress and advancement.

Curiosity enables creativity and facilitates change.

The greatest things in the world have come from someone being and staying curious. Just think about the advancements in medicine, science, technology, music and art that have a positive impact on your life today that was not available to you, 5, 10, 20 years ago.

Curiosity is a vital component to longevity. The possibilities are unparalled when curiosity is fostered and encouraged. In an environment where curiosity is supported, people are expected to challenge the status quo, to push the limits and fail miserably for the betterment of the greater good. When curiosity is nurtured it builds resilience, fortitude and confidence, three very strong and powerful character traits.

Innovation has been a business buzzword for several years now and there are hundreds of books and articles written about the subject. I also hear it first hand from my clients that they need more innovation to be relevant and efficient. When speaking with my clients I ask them how they foster and encourage curiosity in the workplace. This question typically results in a perplexed look.

I have a theory that the majority of innovation is squandered or prevented because society has taught us, at a very young age, that curiosity is bad. That curiosity is wrong. That curiosity leads to negative consequences…you will get in trouble for being curious!

SocSlide1iety is so fearful of curiosity they have put a most disturbing imagine into our heads that “curiosity killed the cat”. What? You mean cute, fluffy, cuddly Mr. Purrs died! He is dead? And this is where we insert tears, fears and a new belief system – suffer the dire consequences from being curious.

What a terrible message we have been given and even worse, most of us perpetuate this message in our homes and our workplace. Because we do not know how to be curious, we stop others from spreading their wings and soaring to new heights.

And here is the kicker, the expression “curiosity killed the cat” is not even the original saying. Back in the day (like the 1800’s), the saying was “care will kill the cat”. It gets better. The word “care” actually means “worry”. So it is worry that killed the cat, not curiosity. That is a profound message for everyone to live by. Stop the worrying and start living.

Therefore, it is not doom and gloom to be curious. In reality, history has taught us that innovation, progress and advancement stems from curiosity. Curiosity is good!

It is time to get out of the way of curiosity. It is time to accept, foster and nurture curiosity in order to move forward in a positive way. Start today to embrace challenging the status quo and pushing the limits and failing miserably all for the betterment of the greater good.  And while you are at it, stop worrying because that is what is killing you!

What are you curious about? How you will make that happen?