Enough was enough! It was time for the leader to end the toxic relationship that has been negatively impacting his ability, his performance and his relationships. If the leader wanted to move forward, to drive results and create success, then a break-up was necessary.


Dear Inner Critic,

This is hard. We have been together for so long but it is time to break-up. I no longer want you in my life. 

I have come to realize that your constant need to point out what I, “Should do”, “Need to”, “Have to”, “Ought to” or “Must do”, has been debilitating. You have kept me small and insignificant. You have kept me from realizing my full potential.

I am tired of you judging me with your “should, need, must, have and ought to’s”.  Your attempts to be motivating have actually been discouraging…slowly chipping away at my confidence and impairing my decision making.

I am tired of you using fear to hold me back. Your  “should, needs, musts, haves and oughts” make me second-guess my self because you have me worrying about things in the future that don’t even exist. 

I am tired of you convincing me that the way to effectively lead people is to tell them what they “should, need, must, have and ought to do”. I have belittled my team because I have arrogantly told them that they are wrong and I am right.

So, we are done!

I am moving forward with a new relationship that is much more encouraging and supportive. The narrative around my new relationship goes something like this:

– “Trust yourself”
– “I like what I am hearing, seeing and feeling”
– “Here are some things to consider”
– “As long as you are learning along the way, you will never be wrong”
– “Go for it!”

So long inner critic, good luck to you. And don’t think about coming around, I will be just fine without you.


My True Self

Great leaders understand how to silence their inner critics when it is holding them back and how to call upon their true self to move forward.

Is it time for you break-up with your inner critic?