I am bald. I am not bragging, just stating a fact. About 10 years ago I lost a battle with Mother Nature. Actually it was not that dramatic, it was simple genetics. Apparently the male hair gene is linked back to your mother’s brother – so if I was more observant when I was playing with my Uncle Bruce back in 1981, I could have saved myself years of denial and embarrassing comb-forwards. I hope my nephew Corey is more attentive than I was (sorry buddy).

PhilishaveI kept nicking my head with a razor and found that going out into public with a bunch of miniature tissue squares all over my head was actually more embarrassing than a comb-forward.  So, to avoid the Lobot hairstyle (aka the George Costanza) I invested in an Aqua-Touch Triple Track Head Philishaver. It has three rotating blades that make quick work of my stubbly head. In fact 10 minutes later, a shaved head.

However, for the past month the grooming process has taken upwards of 30mins and I always seem to consistently leave a strip of hair behind my right ear. This was not intended to be a fashion statement. What was going on?

I noticed that when cleaning the Philishave, only one of the three heads was actually cutting the hair. No wonder it was taking so long to look like Kojak! The Philishave was no longer an efficient instrument, was it time to replace it? I removed the Triple Track Heads to investigate further – YIKES!

Two of the three blades were no longer moving because of years worth of stubble built up (It was a little more gross than “built up” but I thought I would spare you the gruesome details). The shaver  was overworked and worn down with one  lonely blade left to do the work of three. Now it was starting to make sense why the Philishave would not hold its charge.

So, a little soak in boiling hot water and a scrub with a special brush, voila! Good as new! Three fully functioning blades and ten minutes later, a shaved head. If I wasn’t so busy shaving I could have saved so much time by stopping to clean the blades a month ago.

This little exercise reminded me of Stephen Covey’s habit of Sharpening Your Saw, he states “this is the single most powerful investment we can ever make in life – investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute. We are the instruments of our own performance, and to be effective, we need to recognize the importance of taking time regularly to sharpen the saw”

Life at times becomes hard and challenging. We can get mired into the day-to-day struggles and distractions that come our way. We get stuck! We overwork! We wear down! We lose sight of our “IT!” and we can no longer hold our charge. How can we hold our charge and KEEP IT!? We need to sharpen our saw. We need to give back to ourselves in order to move forward and KEEP our IT.

Just like the Triple Track Heads of my Philishave, we all need a soak and scrub to get back to feeling like new. Whether that is by exercising, nature walks, reading, listening to music, a day at the spa or getting together with friends…whatever yours is, you need to do it. And do it regularly.

How are you ensuring you are KEEPING your IT?