The VP of Marketing was getting frustrated and interrupted the VP of Finance to say “and how do you expect my brain to think that way?”

The VP of Finance was taken aback and confused as he responded “doesn’t everyone think this way?”

It was a classic case of assumption. We assume everyone sees the world as we see the world. We assume everyone shares our thoughts. We often look at others in disbelief when they don’t understand our point of view, or if they have a different point of view. How can this be?

life would be easierAssumptions!

Assumptions create frustration, judgment and conflict. We honestly believe that life would be so much easier if everybody thought like“me”. But that is not true. If everyone thought the same and acted the same, we would live in a very finite world. It would look a lot like the world in The Lego movie – routine, routine, routine. Nothing new ever created. No new experiences. No challenges to overcome. True potential never reached.

When opposition present’s itself don’t get defensive. Don’t try to convince another of your perspective. Instead, get curious. Stay unattached to your POV and be patient. Ask questions with the intent of understanding the other perspective, and chances are insights will occur that allow for a better whole solution.

Where in your life will it benefit you to be curious vs. assumptive?