I have had many conversations with adults over the course of the past few weeks and it strikes me as odd that there are so many people feeling stressed and anxious about the upcoming holiday. It appears that Christmas is a real heavy weight on the shoulders of many individuals – and their perspective on things…well geez, I get down after hearing their tales. Bah humbug!

Holiday ChoiceConversely, when speaking with my kids and their friends, the amount of excitement and enthusiasm projected by these wide-eyed munchkins is simply contagious. I can feel my grin stretch from ear to ear as they share their perspective on the Christmas season. I even hear a rumbling of Ho-Ho-Ho in my belly.

With such polar opposite views and such polar opposite moods, how could this even be the same holiday?

Well it is the same holiday but the eyes in which it is viewed are different. If you want to alleviate the stress and anxiety that you believe comes with the holidays…simply change your perspective. More specifically, call upon your inner child and see a new (but old way) of looking at the holidays.

Holiday TopicAdult EyesChild Eyes
TimeChristmas is almost here and I don’t have enough time to get everything done.When is Christmas getting here? It’s taking forever. It is like time is standing still.
WeatherIt is freezing. The roads are bad. I hate shoveling.  The sidewalks are slippery…my shoes are getting ruined!Yippee snow! Lets go out and play – snowman, forts, snowball fights and tobogganing. FUN!
FamilyArgh, I have to spend time with family I don’t like. It is so uncomfortable and annoying.Right on! We get to see grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousins – I love giving them hugs and playing. I miss them.
PlanningWe don’t have a minute of downtime. We are constantly on the go. We are too busy.Today I am not in school so anything we do is AWESOME!
GiftsI never know what to buy. People can be so picky.People are giving me a gift and that is amazing.
The MallEverything about the mall is frustrating – parking, people and customer service.We are going the mall? Can we get hot chocolate?

So here is my one tip to help alleviate the stress and anxiety of the holidays…reframe your perspective. How do you do that?

  • Step 1: Recognize that you are in full control of your own happiness, your own beliefs and your own views. The choice is yours!
  • Step 2: Call upon your inner child (you may need to dig deep) and if you can’t find that little bundle of excitement then leverage the contagious energy of other kids.

The holidays are simply about Love and Joy. You get to choose how you feel about these holidays no one else can decide for you. Don’t lose sight of that.

Happy Holidays!
(if that’s what you choose)