A New Year is upon us  and whether you brought  it in with a bang or quietly rang it in, on January 1st something magical occurs to most people.  It is a physiological change. There is an energy building within, a wave of hope and optimism comes over us, we see differently…we have clarity, purpose and meaning. We are fully aware and present to this internal shift and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

With this new found motivation we stand up, securely plant our feet on the ground, pull our shoulders back, push out our chest, place our hands on our hips and declare “these are my resolutions” – it feels great, we have metaphorically shed last years skin in a ceremonious rebirth for the new year.

What a great day! January 1st is amazing. The up and coming possibilities are so exciting. And then comes January 2nd which is the start of the New Years Resolution demise. Research has shown that 88% of people who make resolutions fail to keep them. I will repeat that…88% of resolutions fail! That is a staggeringly high number! Within a two- month period we go from a feeling of euphoria to a feeling of mundane status quo. Back to the same old same old.

There are many theories as to why this occurs: too many resolutions are stated, either no goals are set or goals are not realistic, results are not immediate, or we don’t take them seriously.

If you are truly looking for change in your life, try a new strategy this year. Implement the DECLARE IT! Shift Model, a five-step process enabling you to attain and maintain the change you want in your life.

Start by selecting your focus. Instead of listing off 5, 10, 20 things you want to do differently, just pick one! That is it, only one. So, which one do you pick?

Here is a tip: take 30mins of alone time to think about your life – both personally and professionally. Think about all the roles you play. Think about the relationships you have, the ones you want and the ones you’ve lost. Think about your life in terms of the physical, emotional and spiritual. As you are reflecting, see what is working (creating happiness) and what is not working (creating stress, anxiety, stagnation)?

Now that you are fully aware and in tune with yourself, respond to the following question: “What are you currently tolerating in your life that is preventing you from moving forward?”

What do you tolerate? Perhaps you tolerate negativity, laziness, mediocrity, energy sucking relationships, lack of will power, dead-end jobs, bullies, narcissists, victims, silence, anger, conflict or grudges.

We tolerate many things in our lives because their meaning has no long-term significance to our personal happiness and growth…so we can put up with them.

Hear-No-Evil-See-No-Evil-Speak-No-Evil-1080x1920However, there are those things in our lives that we value, that we deem important and significant. It is when these values are challenged, betrayed or stepped on that we must stand up to honour our belief system. Yet when we consciously choose “look the other way” and not address the situation, we are choosing toleration over personal happiness. This weighs upon us. It has negative consequences. It holds us back and it slowly eats away at us.

Toleration with ourselves and/or of others prevents us from positively moving forward and living our IT!

Selecting your toleration pain point is the first and often the hardest step of the model (so take your time and be honest with yourself). Now that you have named it, the shift has started to occur. Here is the rest of the DECLARE IT! SHIFT Model:

Select: identify the toleration pain point

Honest Plan: focus on small “3 Degree” attainable goals (see blog ch-ch-ch changes)

Incorporate: consistent action of your plan

Fine-tune: frequently re-visit the plan and accordingly modify/adjust/improve the plan

Thanks: appreciate your accomplishments, celebrate and reward yourself for moving forward.

What are you no longer willing to tolerate this year? What are you DECLARING?

I wish you all the best and a successful year.

If you want more information on the DECLARE IT! SHIFT Model contact us.