The DECLARED Leadership Experience

The DECLARED Leadership Experience is an experiential learning program that blends interactive workshops with collaborative coaching programs that (re)activate, (re)energize and (re)engage your people.

The information and the coaching services that DECLARE IT provides have allowed our Management Team to be more effective, better communicators, unafraid to express points of view, honest and straight forward when dealing with difficult issues and a more unified team dedicated to meeting department goals and creating a vision for those who will follow.
Larry O’Keefe - General Manager Public Works, City of Ottawa

Methodology: Building and Growing High Performing Teams

The success or failure of teams is directly linked to one of four critical components of performance: Direction, Deliverables, Dynamics or Development. The DECLARED Leadership Experience helps you set the building blocks for sustainable success.


Establishing Team Culture

Setting the direction and determining the deliverables provide the team with clarity, alignment and meaning.

Establishing the foundation aligns the team to where it’s going, what it needs to do to get there and how it will get there.

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Here’s how we do it – This interactive workshop series help teams establish a:

  • Team Identity
  • Team Character
  • Team Priorities
  • Team Connections

Cultivating Team Chemistry

Nobody can do it alone. Relationships are essential. By effectively blending the unique talents, perspectives and experiences of each person, the team dynamics create collaborative relationships allowing for both individual and team goals to be achieved.

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Here’s how we do it – This interactive workshop series helps cultivate team chemistry by:

  • Improving leadership self-awareness
  • Building & sustaining trust
  • Dealing with interpersonal conflict
  • Having meaningful communication
  • Navigating change

Strengthening Team Talent

The final piece to building and sustaining high performing teams is to foster the growth and development of team members by providing an intimate forum in which people can stretch beyond their limitations and unlock their full potential.

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Here’s how we do it – Robust coaching programs that strengthen the talent pool by empowering team members through:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • One-to-One Coaching
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Our team has fully embraced the key learnings and are now applying this cultural shift everyday – which is driving higher effectiveness, openness and results for iMD Health . DECLARE IT! has made a difference to iMD….thank you Sean!
Kevin R. Delano - President & CEO, iMD Health