I am me! I am how I am because of me. Because of the choices I have made. Others influence me, both positively and negatively, but how I show up in this world is all on me.

I take full responsibility and accountability of the way I feel, the way I respond, the way I engage in life…the way I am.

I choose! No one chooses for me.

It has taken me some years to fully come to terms with this idea. The idea that, I am responsible for me, that others can only affect me if I allow them too.

dalai-lama-quote-yourself-doostWhen I think about all the wasted time and energy I spent playing a victim, being a martyr or being angry and spiteful because I did not have the courage or strength to take accountability for my emotions, my thoughts and my spirit.

I gave all my power away…and for what? For fear of conflict or offending another. How ridiculous a notion that I would rather let resentment, anger and frustration fester and stew internally creating overwhelming stress resulting pain and suffering. Ridiculous!

Here’s the funny thing, as soon as I stopped blaming others I stopped taking things personally. When I stopped taking things personally, I took accountability for how I wanted to be and I was able to tap into a genuine sincerity for others and for myself that I had not known I was capable of.

And from this place of personal ownership, I had tremendous impact and influence over my environment.

    • My interactions were positive, productive and forward moving.
    • My strong relationships strengthened
    • My broken relationships began to repair themselves as trust bridges were rebuilt.
    • There was a lot less personal confrontations or attacks, and if there were, the recovery time was much shorter.
    • Somehow the gossip stayed away from me.

Most surprisingly, the people that I had previously thought to be stupid, idiotic and useless turned out to be bright, insightful and valuable. Who knew?

Stop blaming others and witness your world improve!