I would like to start this blog with an apology to all the Gen Y’s out there. For years I have been slaggy you as the most selfish, self-centered, entitlement driven people in the world (plus a few more stereotypical qualities you posses)….but my angst has really focused on your sense of entitlement, specific to….well….EVERYTHING!

However, over the past several months I have come to realize that there is an ENTITLEMENT EPIDEMIC amongst us. And… it is cross-generational! Baby boomers and Gen Xers are just as bad or worse than the Gen Y’s.

It is especially apparent in the service industry where consumers treat staff like third class citizens. It is disgusting to watch one person belittle another person over nothing more than a self-imposed sense of superiority OR not to acknowledge another human being, to completely ignore them while you stare/talk into your latest technology gadget. GROSS!

What is going on? Have we become that self-absorbed that we actually believe in our own self-importance? Do we actually think we deserve things just…because? Do we really feel that others should feel privileged and honored in our presence and therefore they should meet are demanding needs?

This entitlement thing requires great focus and intention. There is a whole process involved in portraying entitlement from the arrogant tone of voice to the bothered body language and the annoyed grimace plus the rolling of the eyes. I mean it takes a lot of effort to be self-important.

Have we forgotten how to:entitlement

  • Make an effort with one another
  • Work with others
  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Greet someone with a Hello, how are you?
  • Use please and thank-you

It is time to stop this sense of entitlement and get off the preverbal high horse.

As a customer, next time you are at the grocery store, the dry cleaner or a restaurant, engage your server with eye contact, a smile and a “how are you” – don’t expect anything in return. Just give the person a positive human connection. You will be surprised how the rest of your day will change for the better.

Oh and PS…if you are in customer service, one way to guarantee repeat business is making us feel valued and appreciated. So feel free to apply the above strategies with your customers. You too will be surprised how the rest of your day will change for the better.