Work with me

We brought Sean in to conduct a training session for our national customer service team and he was fantastic! Our focus was on strengthening internal and external relationships, with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience. He was able to customize the material to thoroughly suit our needs. Sean’s energetic and direct communication style is a very fresh approach to training that really resonated with the group. He is not your typical trainer!
Jennifer Carman - Director HR & Communications, Brenntag Canada

Reasons I may be the right fit for you

Reason: #1: I’ve been there

I get it. I bring real world business experience to the table. I spent over 15 years in the corporate world dealing with increasing demands of finding ways to be better, faster, and more innovative, while harnessing the full potential of a team. I understand the challenges and what you are going through.

Reason: #2: I’m not what you are expecting

The most common response I hear from clients who experience the program is “That’s not what I was expecting” – It turns out my approach does not match people’s traditional perceptions of “training” or “team building”…that’s because (in the words of my clients): “This was real”. “This was practical”. “This was fun”.

Reason #3: I never deliver the same program twice

No two teams are the same, so I believe no two programs should be the same. I work with you and your team to develop a tailored program that meets your unique needs. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach here. (PS: “tailored” does not mean more expensive, it means you get exactly what you need).

Reason #4: I give you the “how” because you already know the “what”

Studies reveal that 40-70% of what is learned in leadership development programs is not applied. Why? Because they only focus on “what to do” (theory), but you already know “what to do”. You are looking for someone to help with “how” (practical application). And that’s me. I give you simple and practical tools that turn theory into practice.

Reason #5: I help you create a common language

When teams don’t have a common language their environment becomes infested with mistrust, destructive conflict and silos. We work together to break down communication barriers and build an environment where team members feel safe speaking their truth.

Reason #6: I don’t believe in quick-fixes

Leadership development is not a singular event it’s an on-going process. Real behavioural and cultural change requires a minimum of 2 months to take hold. That’s a fact! (European Journal of Social Psychology) I offer a comprehensive yet non-invasive program that is designed to provide the necessary support and discipline, from start to finish, to ensure the shift occurs.

Am I the right fit for you and your team?
Let’s have a cup of tea or coffee and find out (I’m buying).

The greatest epiphany about your success!

YOU are the secret to success, not me. What I have come to discover is that I don’t have your answers, but I am very good at getting critical answers out of you.


4 key attributes that determine your success:


You care. You want to do it. You are open and bring a positive attitude.


You are willing to look within and take personal accountability for yesterday, today and tomorrow.


You commit to the journey. You are willing to work hard and persevere.


You don’t take yourselves too seriously. You are able to laugh along the way.

Do you have these attributes?
Yes! Then let’s go for that tea or coffee (I am still buying).

About Sean

A passionate, energetic and strategic senior leader with a proven track record for exceeding expectations in fast paced and changing environments

Sean is a gem and we’re having a blast working with him. Love what he’s producing.
Cara Vandale - Assistant Director, Canada School of Public Service