You wake up in the morning and you are YOU.

You leave the house for work and you are YOU.

You arrive to work and start your day and you are YOU.

You work throughout the day and you are YOU.

You leave work to go home and you are YOU.

You arrive home and you are YOU.

SociopathYou are YOU! So why is that you think there are two “YOU’S” – a work YOU and a personal YOU? Why do you try to separate the two worlds? Why do you feel you need to be a different person in each world?

You are a whole person that has feelings, emotions, hopes, fears dreams and desires. Whether you are in your personal world or work world, there are events, situations, interactions, or conversations that will challenge or question or honour or betray your feelings, emotions, hopes, fears, dreams and desires.

You can’t separate the two worlds, unless you are a sociopath…and you are not a sociopath. However, you have been conditioned. Conditioned to believe that your personal world has no business in your work world.

You have been taught and trained to shut off, stifle or ignore any feelings/emotions that are personal. I am reminded of the famous Tom Hanks line in A League of Their Own, “There is no crying in baseball!”

But here’s the reality…we are human. One world always impacts the other world… it’s inevitable.

A great leader recognizes the importance of ensuring their team is balanced in both worlds; personal and work. A great leader understands that emotions and feeling (whether positive or negative) impact results, productivity and team dynamics.

If you want to be a great leader then acknowledge and support your team members through the highs and lows of both their worlds. Your team will reward you by delivering results and creating success.